NutriBoost: Discus Food Mix-In Vitamin & Growth Supplement

NutriBoost: Discus Food Mix-In Vitamin & Growth Supplement


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Description: NutriBoost is fish feed additive for the home made DIY fish food enthusiast. NutriBoost brings in everything your fish will need for a healthy growth, development and much more. NutriBoost will boost you fish growth, make it shine in color, strengthen its immunity system and make it more resistant to disease.


– Rapid growth and healthy development
– Contains DHA which provides energy for the fish and spare protein for growing – Bring out sparkling colors naturally
– Strengthen the fish immunity system and resistant to pathogens
– Reduce pH of fish gut and thus suppress pathogenic bacteria activity in the gut – Stimulate fish breeding
– Enhance male fertility and female egg numbers
– Binds the food together, protect nutrients form leaching to the water
– Does not cloud the water

How to use:
First step is to prepare the base food mix, the ingredients will depend on the type of the fish (weather it is herbivore, omnivore or carnivore). For example African cichlids will need more vegetables than discus or scare fish. As an example for discus Prepare cleaned 850g Beefheart cubes add 50g of blanched spinach and mince in a meat grinder. Take 900-950g of the base mix and add the content of one NutriBoost package (90g) to it gradually while continuously mixing it.  After completely mixing the NutriBoost powder to the mix divide it into sealable plastic food bags and flatten them out to maximum thickness of 3 mm. And store it in the freezer. It can last for 3 months in the freezer.

To feed break a portion for the whole day feed and let it thaw in the fridge and feed after it has thawed feed the fish from it as much as they can eat in 3-5 minutes. Thawed feed can stay in the fridge for two days only.

Multi vitamins, Multi minerals, cheated amino acids, astaxanthin extract from Haematococcus pluvialis, spirulina, Garlic extract, DHA, acidifiers, probiotics, probiotics, multi ingredient immune-stimulants and natural binders.
Caution: Not for human consumption or animals meant to be used for human consumption. For use with Ornamental fish only.

Made in Thailand
Produced by Discus X Farm CO,.LTD.

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