Cholla Balls are a cacti genus native to the deserts of NW Mexico and SW United States. These unique additions will give your Discus Aquarium an exotic presence. Ranging from 2″ to 4″ inches in diameter, you can purchase a package of 5 containing a variety of sizes. Having a spectacular spiny surface, Cholla Balls will enhance your décor investment in mosses and other aquarium plants.

Soaking Cholla Balls in hot water – then rinsing – prior to placement will reduce the leeching of tannins and maintain your aquarium water’s best look. Then, enjoy watching your Discus swim and play around this distinctive aquarium décor.

Indian almond leaves come from the Terminalia catappa tree, native to Southeast Asia. When dried and added to aquarium water, these leaves become a wonder herb – in fact, they can actually help improve the health of your fish!

As they break down, the leaves release certain tannins, which can help fish stave off fungal and bacterial problems. Additionally, Terminalia catappa leaves change the pH levels in aquarium water, making them more closely resemble conditions in South America.

This makes them an ideal fit for aquariums populated with discus fish and their neighbors. However, anyone who desires healthier, more comfortable fish should consider adding Indian almond leaves to their tank. Your residents would thank you if they could!

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