The American Blackworm Company

Stock your food cabinet with the most nutritious and tasty discus food of all — succulent freeze dried blackworm cubes that even finicky eaters will find irresistible!

Our freeze dried cubes can be stored indefinitely in their dry state until they’re ready to be fed to your fish. Simply soak the desired number of cubes into warm water and stick them on the side of your aquarium and watch your fish’s frenzied feeding action!

Stop Paying Retail for High End Fish Medications!

Our products are proudly manufactured in and shipped from the USA.

Whether you raise corals, turtles, freshwater fish, marine fish, corals, freshwater shrimp, outdoor pond fish, cichlids, koi, snails, or amphibians such as newts, salamanders, axolotls, frogs, or toads, we sell premium food products at wholesale prices for your pet. Our customers include both new and experienced hobbyists alike, industrial fish farms, breeders, and non-profit institutions.

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