These are live small animal staple foods that eat plants, seaweeds, fungi, and algae but they produce a natural chemical called Carotenoids. When tropical fish are fed a regular diet of live staple foods, the red coloring of those foods causes the red, orange, gold and yellows in some fish, such as the discus fish, to be greatly intensified. These fish foods are available live, cold packaged and freeze-dried in dehydrated blocks, or discus fish will devour the second it’s dropped into the tank. Finally, the aquarium owner who has an assortment of colorful tropical fish will greatly benefit in keeping their fish on a regular diet of color enhancing food from both plants, and live food to keep their natural colors looking intense. It is best to get advice from a tropical fish store to learn which quality color enhancing foods would be best to feed the fish they will be raising.

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