While slight differences between species can have a significant impact on the nutritional needs of both axolotls and newts, recommending an all-purpose diet for any group of creatures may not be ideal. You might have a clear grasp of a diet that works well for almost all those that you encounter if you have a long experience with many newts and axolotls. You may want to apply some of the diet recommendations below if you have Mexican Axolotls or Crested and Marbled Newts. You can also add other species on a diet using a bit of fine-tuning.

In sharp contrast to terrestrial salamanders that only have a preference for live prey for consumption, the feeding of both axolotls and newts is entirely simplified in the sense that almost all species will take non-living foods. If you’re a keeper of axolotls and newts, you can capitalize on some of the following menus for your adoring pets.