“Blended fish food” fuels your fish with premium nutrition that is customized to strengthen their resistance to stress and disease, while encouraging beautiful development of rich coloration and appearance. From the inside out, your fish are fed to flourish. Unique in its mixture of fresh proteins, carbohydrates, proteins, biotins, vitamins and minerals, the satisfying sensation of variety and health also encourages easier digestion, resulting in less waste and cleaner water. This homemade collaboration of flasks and crisps brings to light new traditional recipes.

Whether your fish are carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores (in that case, replace the opening image with a vegetable panini), “blended fish food” can be found in numerous blends. Matching the whisk of necessary nutrients and to-die-for flavors that make them swim faster toward their next meal, “blend fish food” could become their next favorite sandwich…or something better.

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