Tropical fish are known to be the breath-taking center of attention in any aquarium. Their vibrant array of colors immediately catch your eye. But in order to keep them beautiful it is important to keep them healthy by feeding them the best nutritious food on the market especially designed to cater to aquarium fishes’ needs- flake food!

Flake food is a very protein-rich blend ensuring maximum absorption of essential vitamins and minerals that will strengthen your fishes’ immune system. It will provide the supplements needed to live a long happy life through a naturally balanced diet. The special formula is easy to digest and insures minimal waste in your aquarium for cleaner, clearer water. Flake food is designed to float on the surface making it ideal for smaller to medium fish. It is especially ideal for tropical fish as it enhances their natural colors! All in all, flake food is a great option for your aquarium as it keeps your water crystal clear and your fish healthy, thriving and beautiful. Using frozen or pelleted food along with the flake food will provide a well-balanced, nutritious diet to your whole habitat.

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