Fish flakes are by far the most popular food among fish lovers, and also the most used by beginners. In fact, one of the advantages of flakes is that you can find them in any aquarium or pet supplier store all over the world.

Moreover, they could serve as the basis of fungal growth within the tank, which could affect seriously the health of your fishes. Thus, it is important not to exceed the necessary amount of flakes they need.

Nevertheless, when you feed your fishes with flakes, it is hard to measure how much food you are providing them daily.

If you have bottom fishes, perhaps it shouldn’t be your first option because flakes mainly float, as we already pointed out.

However, if you have a lot of fishes, this can be a good choice, especially if you have small ones, because their mouths are also smaller, and it is very easy for them to pick off and swallow flakes.

If you have larger size fishes, this type of food perhaps isn’t the best option, because they will have to eat great quantities of flakes to intake enough nutrients. Other disadvantages of flakes are their short shelf life, as well as the possibility of causing buoyancy issues since fishes can gulp air when eating and swallowing flakes.