General Parasite “Quick” Cure (Metronidazole, Praziquantel)

General Parasite “Quick” Cure (Metronidazole, Praziquantel)


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General Parasite Cure is a blend of pure metronidazole and pure praziquantel.  No fillers to interfere with treatment.  This combination has shown to be more effective than using each drug on its own.  Metronidazole is an anti-protozoan medication and praziquantel is a broad spectrum deworming medication. Effective against Heximata, Malawi bloat, body slime, chilodonella, freshwater ich, epistylis, schistosoma, liver flukes, gill flukes, flat worms, tapeworms and turbelliarians.

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Treatment: Begin with a 25% water change prior to each daily dose of 1/4 teaspoon per 20 gallons water.  Continue treatment for 10 days.  It is recommended to repeat treatment in 3 weeks to eradicate newly hatched parasites.

May be used concurrently with Epsom Salt and/or elevated heat (above 86F/30C) to clear out the gut more efficiently. 25 gram jar treats approximately 350 gallons.

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