General Trio Powder (Kanamycin, Metronidazole and Nitrofurazone)

General Trio Powder (Kanamycin, Metronidazole and Nitrofurazone)


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General Trio Powder is a blend of kanamycin, metronidazole and nitrofurazone.  This combination is known as a “super cure” as it covers a wide spectrum of ground.  This triple hitting medication is an excellent treatment option when you are unsure what is ailing your fish.

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The individual medications in this mix are:

Kanamycin Sulfate is a highly effective broad spectrum antibiotic that targets many bacterial strains and is useful in controlling many bacterial infections, including Aeromonas, Vibrio, Flexibacter and Mycobacteria in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Metronidazole most often used for its anti-protozoa properties, however it is also good for treating anaerobic bacteria as well.  Metronidazole is effective for treating internal and external flagellates as well as protozoan parasites such as Cryptocaryon in marine aquaria or against Hexamita and Ichthyophthirius.

Nitrofurazone is the active ingredient in Furan 2 and is an antibiotic drug that has anti-protozoan properties.  It is known to target Columnaris, Flexibacter, Black Molly Disease (Flavobacterium columnaris), Bacterial Gill Disease, Aeromonas, Excess Body Slime, Cloudy Eye, Streptococcus, Furunculosis, Fin and Tail Rot, Marine external ulcer disease and some protozoan infestations. Useful in treating minor topical skin infections of freshwater and marine species.

When these three medications are used concurrently they are referred to as a super drug due to the fact that they have a synergystic effect that makes them even more effective than when used on their own.

Treatment:  1/2 teaspoon per 20g tank water.  Dosed daily with a 25% water change prior to each dose.  Treatment should be continued for a minimum of 10 days, but may be stopped after 3-5 days if no improvement is noted.  Due to the use of multiple antibacterial medications, monitor water parameters.

Do not use on invertebrates.

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